Are the Star Wars prequels actually good?

Ten years in the past, nice jubilation arose among the many Star Wars trustworthy when Disney acquired Lucasfilm and subsequently introduced Star Wars sequels that includes the unique trilogy characters. Lastly, we might transfer previous the sins of the prequel trilogy — Episodes I, II, and III, all written and directed by George Lucas — with “actual” Star Wars films that will eclipse our blighted recollections of Lucas’ miscalculations. Positive sufficient, when The Power Awakens debuted in 2015, followers and informal viewers alike proclaimed its constancy to the holy trinity of authentic Star Wars films. It may be a bit of by-product, however doggone it, it seemed like authentic Star Wars. Extra importantly, it felt like authentic Star Wars.

It didn’t take lengthy for folk to alter their tune. Now the sequels — The Power Awakens, The Final Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker — are a lot maligned for his or her lack of cohesive imaginative and prescient and their reliance on drained materials. In the meantime, the prequels have undergone contemporary appraisal, and the joy amongst followers is off the charts for prequel-related exhibits like Obi-Wan Kenobi. After struggling 20 years of derision, are the prequels abruptly thought-about good now? How did that occur?

Padme, Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin in Episode I

They’re not good; we simply have selective recollections

I imply, come on, have you ever seen this stuff? I received’t relitigate all of the carping from the final 23 years, however let’s assessment some key complaints.

  • The performing is picket bordering on amateurish. How do you siphon Samuel L. Jackson (as Jedi Mace Windu) of all charisma? Would anybody watching these movies consider Natalie Portman as Queen Amidala would win an Oscar 5 years later for Black Swan?
  • Illustration is famously problematic.  Jar Jar Binks, the slave proprietor Watto, and the Commerce Federation aliens are rendered as racial stereotypes, if unconsciously.
  • The storytelling is glacial for lengthy stretches.
  • Dialogue is on the nostril and sometimes cringeworthy. “My powers have doubled for the reason that final time we met, Depend,” Anakin (Hayden Christensen) boasts to Depend Dooku. Loads of the character names are dumb too.
  • The films are sometimes goofy as hell, due particularly to all Jar Jar-related materials, Jake Lloyd’s moppet of a bit of Skywalker squealing “yippee,” the ’50’s-style diner Obi Wan (Ewan McGregor) visits in Assault of the Clones to get info from a fry cook dinner that we’re purported to consider is an previous buddy, and far, way more.

None of this has aged properly, not to mention improved, particularly in The Phantom Menace. However followers nonetheless extol the good components: Darth Maul (Ray Park) and his double bladed lightsaber; the thrilling duel between Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson), and Maul, nonetheless among the many greatest; John Williams’ terrific rating, particularly the basic “Duel of the Fates” theme. It’s human nature to wish to keep in mind the great things and so we do. It’s why folks say good issues about jerks at their funerals.

The prequel era has come of age

Jedi Younglings in Attack of the Clones

As I wrote in one other article, Technology X has grow to be very proprietary over Star Wars – claiming to grasp its true nature and what future installments ought to include. These followers who grew up on the unique trilogy took subject – loudly – with the prequels, for the problems described above, but additionally just because they weren’t the originals. In doing so, they typically uncared for to think about what Lucas has mentioned publicly and sometimes: Star Wars is for youths. Ten-year-olds in 1983 weren’t rolling their eyes on the goofy content material in Return of the Jedi – the Ewoks, the mélange of rubber puppets in Jabba’s Palace, which someway turned even stupider within the late-’90s Particular Editions. We all know it’s all cringe-inducing now. And but, regardless of that, Xers nonetheless defend the unique trilogy in all its flaws.

Millennials and even some Gen Zers have at all times felt the identical defensive love for the prequels. It’s simply that now they’re sufficiently old and arranged sufficient in fan communities to articulate their appreciation. Obi-Wan Kenobi by no means would have been made — or grow to be the largest premiere but on Disney+ — with out that devoted fan love, one thing Ewan McGregor gratefully acknowledged. 9 mixed seasons and counting of the critically acclaimed The Clone Wars and The Dangerous Batch would by no means have been made both.

They appear higher by means of the extra canon-building

Anakin and Ahsoka in The Clone Wars.

Talking of which, The Clone Wars, The Dangerous Batch, Visions, Rebels, The Mandalorian, and a plethora of video video games, comedian books, and novels have all fleshed out and expanded the prequel narratives. Darth Maul is an instance of a prequel character who went on to, ahem, menace good guys in all the things from the animated exhibits to Ron Howard’s Solo, which arrange Maul to be a significant character in a sequel that by no means got here. Dave Filoni’s The Clone Wars animated collection has been the jewel of this extra-textual materials, persistently incomes raves for its lush animation together with its willingness to discover themes in a grown-up means for animation.

The profusion of auxiliary materials deepened the characters, gave them fascinating new arcs, developed the already wealthy story world, and generally made all the things appear extra fascinating and well-rounded. Over time, our brains have lumped the acclaimed materials in with the subpar materials. Fan love for The Clone Wars and Rebels has elevated our appreciation of the prequels, most likely with out us even realizing it. A rising tide lifts all boats.

They’re superior in comparison with new Star Wars stuff

Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace

Did anybody ever assume {that a} Star Wars function movie might be worse than The Phantom Menace? Welcome to The Rise of Skywalker. I might sit by means of a double function of the mid-’80s made-for-TV Ewok films, Caravan of Braveness and The Battle of Endor, with an appetizer of the Star Wars Vacation Particular — maybe essentially the most maligned cultural artifact of our time — earlier than enduring The Rise of Skywalker once more, which lumbers in the direction of yet one more protracted climax that includes a giant ol’ area battle and a good-versus-bad Jedi showdown, besides staged in essentially the most incoherent and meaningless means attainable.

Then there’s The E book of Boba Fett, which is about, properly … nobody can say precisely. However for those who squint at your TV whereas passing by means of your lounge, it seems to be one thing like Star Wars. The primary season of The Mandalorian can also be, let’s face it, fairly tedious. Little or no occurs whereas the galaxy’s dullest man excursions random planets with a Muppet child in tow.

My level is, within the face of a few of this dreck, how might the prequels not look higher? They’re epic, they’re formidable, they’re superbly photographed, they include a number of thrilling motion sequences — inventively staged and shot by Lucas and Steven Spielberg — they usually have a story throughl ine that, whereas it might be higher structured, at the least climaxes in a purposeful and significant means.

Attitudes towards artwork and tradition change over time

Anakin and Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith

Revenge of the Sith is flawed, but it surely’s a visually beautiful movie, teeming with the fervour and darkness that The Phantom Menace altogether lacks. Of the three prequels, it’s the one one I favored earlier than writing this text. As such, I used to be not trying ahead to refreshing myself on Assault of the Clones, a film which frequently ranks close to the underside of lists of Star Wars films.

Nonetheless, I’ve at all times admired the opening, when Senator Amidala’s ship floats into the higher environment of the Republic planet of Coruscant like a type of gleaming, chrome, early-model Pan Am jetliners, then glides over the guidelines of Artwork Deco-esque skyscrapers sprouting by means of pearly clouds like some historic civilization lengthy submerged by an alien ocean. The engines thrum like an previous prop airplane (Lucas reminding us that Star Wars has its roots within the roar and buzz of World Conflict II dogfights) and the ship alights on a touchdown pad floating within the mist. The peace holds for a second, then is ripped asunder as a thunderous explosion blisters orange and black throughout the display, sending our bodies and items of ship hurtling. It’s a stunning second and I assumed nothing else within the movie matched its savage eloquence.

A ship flies towards Coruscant in Attack of the Clones

But, as I watched, I saved ready to roll my eyes, to be bored, to be embarrassed for Lucas and his worst impulses, and as a substitute discovered myself having fun with it. Obi-wan and Anakin’s evening chase by means of Coruscant skyscrapers ranks amongst Lucas’ best-realized motion sequences. Sure, the design owes quite a bit to Blade Runner (at this level, what doesn’t?), however Lucas masterfully controls modifying and cinematography to create the phantasm of dizzying depths. There are different sensible sequences as properly, together with one during which Anakin and Padme stumble by means of an enormous robotic meeting line in a sci-fi homage to Chaplin’s Fashionable Occasions.

However essentially the most gobsmacking revelation hit as I contemplated the long-ridiculed romantic dross between Anakin and Padme. Wait a minute, I lastly grasped because it unspooled … this cringe-inducing stuff is meant to be cringe-inducing!! Particularly post-#MeToo, it’s unimaginable to comprehend what a creep he’s, overtly admitting that he obsesses over her, when he’s purported to be in her make use of (paging Jedi HR). “You’re making me really feel uncomfortable,” she says, when Anakin seems to be deep into her eyes with lecherous intent. Anakin is, for lack of a greater phrase, icky. When a mere few scenes later, Padme can’t resist his advances, she hasn’t abruptly fallen for his appeal — he’s manipulating her with the Power. I’m not the primary individual to have this revelation, however I feel it’s truthful to say, folks have been gradual to catch on. I positive was.

Anakin and Padme look at each other in Attack of the Clones.

The truth is, most of Padme’s choices on this film solely make sense by way of her brainwashing. Why does she let Anakin kiss her so quickly after rejecting him? Why does she sit with him by the hearth in revealing clothes whilst she’s clearly attempting to withstand him? Why would she marry him?? Once more, she’s not falling in love — he’s controlling her. Why else would she ever go away the security of house after a number of assassination makes an attempt to accompany him on a harmful rescue mission on one other planet, then consolation him when that mission devolves into his vengeful genocide? It’s why she later proclaims her like to him in essentially the most insipid, romance-novel phrases. Not as a result of these are her sentiments, however as a result of, in Anakin’s shallow and inexperienced fantasies, that is what love appears like to him. It’s not an accident that these moments happen when they’re alone, away from outdoors influences.

Much like how we learn this in an period extra delicate to harassment, gaslighting, and abuse (all of which turns into extra pronounced in Revenge of the Sith), youthful generations — who talk about, settle for, and self-diagnose psychological sickness extra overtly — usually tend to learn Anakin’s conduct as narcissism or borderline character. These readings make the prequels so a lot better as a result of they make Anakin a lot worse. He’s not a hero who goes dangerous. He’s a narcissist from the phrase go. Folks solely exist by way of what they’ll do for him – clearly a Vader-ian trait. Even at his mom’s funeral, he focuses on his personal failures and the way he received’t fail once more. Padme — this gifted, caring, devoted chief — turns into simply one other of his victims. Lucas emphasizes this tragedy with a ultimate close-up during which she takes his robotic hand, affirming she hasn’t married a person, however a monster.

Anakin and Padme get married in AOTC.

Our responses to artwork change by means of new cultural lenses. One thing as soon as beloved involves be seen as hopelessly dated, whereas one thing as soon as reviled is now visionary, or at the least seen as misunderstood. Maybe the prequels, and Assault of the Clones particularly, are present process such a cultural reevaluation. Or maybe the renewed appreciation for the prequels is because of one other of the explanations I counsel above (or all of them). Our selective recollections, generational shifts, and new materials — both prequel-related or in any other case — has made them look higher in several contexts. In fact, one ultimate chance is that perhaps they have been at all times “good” — particularly Revenge of the Sith, and fewer evidently, Assault of the Clones — and loads of folks favored them simply high-quality all alongside. Effectively … principally anyway. The Phantom Menace remains to be largely indefensible.

You may view most Star Wars-related content material on Disney+.  Sadly, the Star Wars Vacation Particular remains to be not on that streaming service.

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